Congratulations Pacific Storm Athletes & Coaches on a job well done at Nationals!

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14U Western National Championship - May 2018

19U Western National Championship - April 2018

14U Boys Photos
14U Girls Photos
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Spring Break 2018 and Spring Splash 2018

Game photos
Awards Ceremony
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NCL Game Day - Feb 25, 2018

Sacred Heart Pool Practice
Palo Alto, California
Scrimmage-West Valley High
Cupertino, California
Team hand shake
Spring Splash-Federal Way
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19U Crossovers

Jan 31-Feb 3, 2018 - Surrey BC
16U Boys Game
Storm vs. Storm
19U Girls Game
Storm vs. Fraser Valley
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16U Tournament

Dec. 14, 2017 - Surrey

Pacific Storm Awards Night

June 2017

PNYL Tournament

Nov. 18, 2017 - Walnut Grove, Langley

19U NCL - Storm vs FV

Nov. 21, 2017 - Boys and Girls

2017 NCL Western Nationals

16U Western Conference
19U Western Conference
14U Western Conference

16U & 19U Games - April 21, 2017

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19U Games - March 2-5, 2017 - Surrey Sport and Leisure Centre

Game photos click here


U16 Girls - Storm vs Thunderbirds

U16 Boys - Storm vs Saskatchewan

Sunday Dec 4, 2016 - Surrey Leisure Centre

19U Girls - Storm vs Valley

Sunday Dec 4, 2016 - Surrey Leisure Centre


19U Boys and 16U Girls - Storm vs Valley

Saturday Jan 28, 2017 - CCAC

2016 awards night

U19 Men - Best Defensive Player
U19 Women - Most Improved Player
U16 Girls - Best Defensive Player
U12 Boys - Best Offensive Player
U12 Boys - Most Improved Player
U12 Girls - Best Defensive Player
U16 Girls - Best Offensive Player
U12 Girls - Best Offensive Player
U16 Boys - Best Defensive Player
Men's John Stockdale Award
U19 Men - Most Improved Player
U16 Boys - Best Offensive player
U16 Boys - Most Improved Player
U19 Men - Best Offensive Player
U12 Girls - Most Improved Player
U12 Boys - Best Defensive Player

NCL Western Championships 2016

19U Women
19U Men
Gold Medal Game
19U Women
Game vs. Sask
19U Podium
14U Championships
Games photos
Cheer Squad
More 14U Championship
16U Boys
Game vs. Sask
16U Girls
Game vs Fraser Valley
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Pacific Storm Awards Night

June 2017

19U NCL - Nov 2015- regina

Alberta Open - 19u Girls & Boys
March 2016
Saanich Valentine's Tournament
Evergreen Tournament
19U NCL Western Conference
Feb 5-7, 2016
Guildford Pool
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Womens Storm v. Tsunami
Womens Storm v. Sask
Women Storm v. Tsunami
Women Storm v. Sask ANIMATION
Mens Storm v. Sask
Men Storm v. Tsuanmi


Girls 16U Jan30 2016 Storm v. FV
LMU Girls Visit Jan 6 2015
19U Boys Mar 20 Storm v.Torpedos
19U Boys Mar 20 Storm v. FV
19U Boys Apr 24 Storm v, DDO
19U Girls Apr26 Storm v. DDO
19UGirls Apr25 Storm GoldenHorseshoe
19U Girls Apr24 Storm v. Camo
19U Girls Apr23 Storm v. StLambert
16U Boys Mar7 Storm v. Saanich
19U Boys Mar20 Storm v. FV
19U Boys Mar20 Storm v. Torpedos
16U Boys Mar7 Storm v. Saanich
19U Boys Apr24 Storm v. Camo
19U Boys Apr25 Storm v. St.Lambert
19U Boys Mar22 Storm v. Tsunami
19U Girl Mar22 Storm v. Sask
16U Boys FV v. Storm Jan24
19U Girls Feb6 FV v. Storm
19U_Boys Feb5




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19U Boys Mar20 Storm v. Torpedos

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